The World According to David Hockney


A collection of legendary British artist David Hockney’s insights into art, life, nature, creativity and much more. ‘I’ve always been a looker … that’s what artists do’ This anthology of quotations by David Hockney follows in the successful format of ‘The World According to’ series. Ranging across topics including drawing, photography, nature, creativity, the internet and much more, The World According to David Hockney offers a delightful and engaging overview of the artist’s inimitable spirit, personality and opinions. From everyday observations – ‘The eye is always moving; if it isn’t moving you are dead’ – to artistic insights such as ‘painted colour always will be better than printed colour, because it is the pigment itself’, as well as musings on other image makers, including Caravaggio, Cézanne and Hokusai, Hockney has a knack for capturing profound truths in pithy statements. Born in Bradford, England, in 1937, Hockney atte

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