Wild Nights Out


“Take a walk into the wild darkness. Learn how to call for owls, walk like a fox and expand your sensory perceptions. Wild Nights Out is a hands-on guide for those who wish to take kids (of all ages) outdoors for an adventurous, fun, even slightly scary nighttime nature experience. Parents, grandparents, teachers and nature educators alike will find here a wealth of unique activities to explore the natural world from dusk till dawn. Alongside games, walks and sensory experiences, talented storyteller Chris Salisbury will bring this forgotten dimension to life with some wild narratives about nocturnal creatures, as well as heavenly tales of constellations and planets, to share around the campfire. Nature offers so much after the sun has set. Allow Chris to become your guide to the night’s enchantments and not only will this instill a lifelong love of the dark, it will also boost the resilience and self-confidence of children and adults a

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