Why Your Parents Are Driving You Up the Wall and What To Do: THE BOOK EVERY TEEN


‘Get up or you’ll miss the best part of the day!’ ‘You treat this place like a hotel.’ ‘Can you just put that phone down for one minute?!’ After years of reliable performance, has something recently gone wrong with your parents? Do you find yourself stressed out, arguing about the most ridiculous things? Do you feel like you’re processing the same world with entirely different brains? Would all of you like to fix things? There are hundreds of books for parents about how to deal with their teenagers. For the first time, doctor of brains and international bestselling author, Dean Burnett has written a book FOR teenagers to understand just what on earth is going on. From why parents are obsessed with tidiness, to why they won’t let you get enough sleep and generally why they don’t seem to get anything, this guide covers all the major parental malfunctions.

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