Twenty-One Poems about Wonky Animals


We use the affectionate word ‘wonky’ when things aren’t quite right but what’s wrong seems rather endearing. These poems are about creatures who are slightly awry. Some are beloved pets who are vulnerable and in need of human care. Others are just slightly odd in themselves – a hornet, a frog, a mole. They may be more difficult to love, but each is celebrated here in its own particular splendour: “The heart of a snail can be anywhere in her body, beating in secret. Such a sweet heart, never complains, but explains the world in little steps.” from ‘Snailology’ by Nora Nadjarian The anthology demonstrates that every wonky creature – great, small, ugly, beautiful – also has something to teach us about our own human frailties. Included is a special edition postcard featuring a poem by Di Slaney. Poems by Sophia Argyris, Anna Barker, Kathryn Bevis, Carole Bromley, Jane Burn, Linda France, Victoria Gatehouse, Tania Hershman, Leah Larwood, Rob

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