To boldly go where no book has gone before


In our muddled era of conspiracy theories, fake news and groupthink, science’s only goal is truth. Like all human pursuits it can go wrong, but it has the great strength of being self-correcting. At its best, what lasts – after much deliberation, rigour and sweat – is the truth. The story of science is how we get there. Standing on the shoulders of giants, world-renowned immunologist Luke O’Neill (aka the People’s Immunologist) tells the zigzag story of how we got to this moment in human history, and what the future might hold: from figuring out how the mind really works, space travel (for the sheer fun of it), and the discovery of extra-terrestrial life. With incredible wit and a talent for cutting through the noise, Luke O’Neill tackles some of the great questions of our age, from Artificial Intelligence to the climate catastrophe, with a keen eye on what science might discover next.

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