The upside-down world


Twenty years ago, Benjamin Moser followed a love affair to an ancient Dutch town. In order to make sense of the place where he had ended up, Moser threw himself into the world of the painters of Dutch Golden Age, Rembrandt, Hals, and Vermeer among them, and found himself confronting the bigger questions those artists asked. Why do we make art, and why do we need it? Who, and what, is an artist? How can art help us see ourselves and others? And in a world without religion, can art provide a substitute for God? As he explored the Dutch museums, Moser met a crowd of fascinating personalities: the stormy Rembrandt, the intimate Ter Borch, the mysterious Vermeer. Now, in this colourful, brilliant and idiosyncratic book, he unveils the whole hidden world of the Dutch Masters (and one Mistress).

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