The Time Traveller’s Guide To Regency Britain


In this volume of his celebrated series of Time Traveller’s Guides – after the Middle Ages, Elizabethan England and Restoration Britain – Ian Mortimer turns to what is arguably the most-loved period in British history: the Regency (aka Georgian England). A time of exuberance, thrills, frills and unchecked bad behaviour, it was perhaps the last age of true freedom before the arrival of the stifling world of Victorian morality. At the same time, it was a period of transition that reflected unprecedented social, economic and political change; it was dominated by population growth, urbanisation and industrialisation, fear of social unrest and demands for political reform. Once more, Ian Mortimer takes us on a thrilling journey to the past, revealing what people ate, drank and wore; where they shopped and how they amused themselves; what they believed in and what they were afraid of.