The Slimming Foodie


The blog ‘The Slimming Foodie’ is all about delicious, hearty home-cooked meals that can work for anyone who’s on a slimming journey. The philosophy is simple. First and foremost, the recipes have to taste great! But also important is that they use fresh, healthy ingredients that are easily available and can be prepared by anyone. This is food that people want to eat day-to-day, that are nourishing, budget conscious and approachable without being too time consuming. Ingredients that make the dishes higher in calories have been cut out, reduced or swapped without forgoing flavour. When trying to slim down, you often feel the need to cook a separate meal for yourself than the rest of your household. However, making healthy choices shouldn’t stop you from sharing a delicious meal with your loved ones. Each of these 100 recipes can be enjoyed by anyone as part of a healthy diet, including children.