The royal wardrobe


Peek into the wardrobes of history’s most fashionable royals. Why did women wear such heavy and uncomfortable skirts in the Elizabethan era? What the hell happened to Charles II’s pubic hair wig? How did Princess Diana’s revenge dress become so iconic? Fashion for the royal family has long been one of their most powerful weapons. Every item of their clothing is imbued with meaning, history, and majesty, telling a complex tale of the individuals who wore them and the houses they represented. From the draping of a fabric to the arrangements of jewels, the clothing worn by royals is anything but coincidental. Original and enlightening, Rosie Harte’s complete history delicately weaves together the fashion faux pas and Vogue-worthy triumphs that chart the history of our royals from the Tudors to the Victorians right through to King Charles III and our twenty-first-century royal family.

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