The Penguin Book of French Short Stories. Volume 2 From Colette to Marie Ndiaye


This two-volume feast of an anthology celebrates the rich tradition of the French short story. Spanning four centuries, its pages brim with decadent tales, ‘bloody tales’ and fairy tales, detective stories and war stories, the experimental and the existential. These are tales about the self and the other, the fantastic and the realist, the country and the city, the nation and the colony, told in an eclectic array of voices and styles.The collection features stories by the most famous writers across the Francophone world, from Voltaire to Simone de Beauvoir, as well as rare treasures and contemporary writers like Marie Ndiaye and Virginie Despentes, some of them translated for the first time here. By turns playful and profound, sublime and absurd, the second volume takes the reader from the First World War to the millennium.

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