The god of good looks


Bianca Bridge has always dreamt of becoming a writer. But Trinidadian high society can be unforgiving, and having an affair with a married government minister is a sure-fire way to ruin your prospects. When Obadiah Cortland, make-up artist and legend in the island’s beauty scene, offers her a job as a lowly assistant, Bianca reluctantly accepts that working on his beauty magazine is the closest to her dreams she’s going to get. But Obadiah has a reputation for being aloof and tyrannical, and it will take all the strength her mother taught her to endure it. Obadiah may be as fierce as she’d been warned, but there are surprises to discover in Bianca’s new role: unexpected friendships, the art and artistry involved in make-up, and a revolution in her idea of what it really means to be beautiful. Most surprising of all, she begins to suspect there might be cracks in Obadiah’s carefully crafted façade.

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