The Empire


The Empire is not just a theatre. From music hall to vaudeville, from revue to grand musical spectacular, it holds a special place in the nation’s heart. For its audience, for its actors and singers, for the stagehands, the front-of-house staff, for its backers and its debtors – and above all for its owners – it truly is a palace of dreams. And for young Jack Treadwell, struggling to adapt to civilian life after the war, it’s a lifeline. Looking for work, he arrives at The Empire, it’s owned by the family of his former commanding officer, Edmund Lassiter so he hopes to be given a chance. But as Jack soon discovers, it is not just the actors who are donning a disguise. With whispers of a cover-up, a scandal and sibling rivalry, tensions rise, along with the curtain. For there is treachery at the heart of The Empire and a dark secret waiting in the wings.

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