The Beautiful Poetry of Football Commentary


When you think of many of the most iconic moments in football, it often isn’t just the images that play in your head. Usually, they are accompanied by an ingenious line of commentary, capturing the moment with a few choice words. From the upper-class voice of yesteryear prosaically describing events on the pitch in the days before colour television, to the hyperbolic screeching of today’s broadcasts, the commentator is an intrinsic part of our football-watching experience and, in many ways, they are the poets of our time. From Peter Drury’s eloquent monologues to Robbie Savage’s savaging of the English language, the game of football has given us some poetic, and not so poetic, lines of commentary throughout the ages. This book is a glorious anthology of iconic lines, set out as poems, from the best commentators that have ever graced a microphone. Each poem is accompanied by scholarly analysis.

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