SAS Sea King Down


After passing the world’s toughest Special Forces selection to get into D Squadron, 22 SAS, in 1979, Mark ‘Splash’ Aston thought he’d missed out on all the action. Then on April 2nd 1982 Argentina invaded the Falkland Islands. Days later D Squadron were on their way south as the cutting edge of Britain’s campaign to retake the islands. And over the next 6 weeks of fighting, the action never let up. But it was an event that was out of their control that came close to defining D Squadron’s war: the night their Sea King helicopter crashed into the South Atlantic with 31 people on board. Splash was 1 of just 7 survivors of a tragedy that caused the heaviest loss of life to the Regiment since WWII. Evacuated to a hospital ship to recover, he defied orders and a suspected broken neck to escape back to his unit and rejoin the fight until it was won. This is the remarkable story of Splash’s war.

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