Pictures from Italy


In the summer of 1844, taking a break from novel-writing, the 32-year-old Charles Dickens embarked on a long tour of Italy with his wife, his five children and his young sister-in-law. Struck by the scenery and the rapid diorama of monuments and novelties around him, the celebrated author of ‘Oliver Twist’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’ captured his experiences and impressions in vivid detail. The result is a travelogue like no other, written by one of the finest writers of all time. Abounding in colour and humour, and interspersed with unforgettable set pieces, such as an eyewitness account of the beheading of a robber in Rome and a hilarious description of a tour guide’s ruinous tumble down the slope of Mount Vesuvius, ‘Pictures from Italy’ is further proof of Charles Dickens’s genius and versatility.

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