Perfectly Imperfect Puppy


When raising a puppy, we all want to make sure we’re doing it right, but sometimes the unrealistic expectations of perfection can be overwhelming. The truth is no one is perfect, so cut yourself a little slack; bringing up a puppy who’s imperfectly perfect for you makes much more sense. Having worked with over 5,000 dogs, Graeme Hall has a unique understanding of the early developmental period. Now he is here to help with his stress-free guide to training and caring for your puppy, so that they grow into a happy, well-adjusted dog. From choosing the right puppy for your lifestyle (including the benefits of a rescue or disabled puppy) and preparing for them to come home, to the crucial socialisation period, early training and adolescence, Graeme covers everything you need to know. All whilst providing useful insight and research into puppy behaviour which will prevent problems later in life.

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