My friend Anne Frank


When Hannah’s family flee from the Nazis to Amsterdam, she soon strikes up a friendship with a girl just like her. The girl’s name is Anne Frank and for seven blissful years they are inseparable. Then one day in 1942, as the Nazi occupation intensifies, they are separated without warning. Hannah calls on Anne and can’t find a trace of her. They are told the Franks have fled to Switzerland. As Hannah is tormented by the fate of her friend, hoping she is alive and well elsewhere, her own family’s fate unfolds. After attempts to flee themselves, the SS finally come for them and they are taken to the transit camp Westerbork. Eventually Hannah, her father and younger sister Gabi are transported to Bergen-Belsen. Amid horrific conditions with death all around, it is during Hannah’s darkest point at the concentration camp that she hears astonishing of news of Anne. Hannah risks her life to help her.

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