Humongous Fungus


Inhabiting a whole kingdom of their own, fungi can be found in every ecosystem. They carpet the forest floor, and hidden fungi decompose matter, feed plants, and affect how animals function. Their beautiful mushrooms come in all colours, shapes, and sizes. Fungal stories include the greening of the Earth, when fungi helped plants first grow on land, and the mass destruction of crops through fungal disease. From the villains of the upcoming bananageddon to plastic-eating eco-warriors, there are over 1.5 million fungus species, and a huge, unknown number of unnamed ‘dark’ types. They affect other creatures, too, for example by helping to break down food, or controlling their minds against their will. Following on from the gorgeous ‘Under Your Feet’, and touching on similar topics of conservation and the secret processes within ecosystems, this book of fabulous fungi will intrigue and amaze young readers.

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