Have a little faith


As a vicar, Kate is often greeted with the phrase ‘I’m not religious, but I love that hymn’, or ‘I want a church wedding’, but the truth is, having faith isn’t an all-or-nothing situation and we all deserve to enjoy the parts that bring us comfort. In this book, Kate reveals the surprising truth about what faith means to her and how, ultimately, it can make us all happy. Kate is not your average vicar, in fact, she says herself that believing in the resurrection is ‘a bit bonkers’ so, whether you believe in God, the universe’s plan or simply the goodness of humanity, Kate argues that having belief equals having hope, and we all deserve to feel hopeful. With chapters about what she’s learned about life’s challenges, including love, death, loneliness and conflict, along with simple tips for us all to find more joy in our everyday lives.

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