Christmas At the Borrow a Bookshop


With just two weeks until Christmas, everything in Clove Lore should be perfect – but rising tensions among locals are growing over redeveloping the village, threatening the existence of the cosy bookshop altogether. To make matters worse, a great flood on Christmas Eve devastates the village. Luckily, help comes in the form of an outsider – Jowan, the Icelandic bookseller-holidaymaker vacationing in the Bookshop. Jowan introduces the locals to the Icelandic tradition of the Yule book flood – where families and friends gather on Christmas Eve to exchange books and read together. As he attempts to bring the village back together in the place they love, love is also on the look out for Jowan, as a stranger’s boat is moored on Lore’s harbour, bringing them together. But can Jowan truly rescue the ruins of the village, and salvage their Christmas spirit?

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