Build Your Own LEGO Escape Room


Plan and build thrilling LEGO¬ escape rooms!Learn how to plan awesome LEGO escape rooms – with more than 30 LEGO puzzle ideas and 49 useful LEGO pieces and a sticker sheet. Create your own escape rooms and challenge your friends.Follow one of three themed escape rooms: Egyptian Quest, Space Mission, and Safari Adventure, or pick and choose from more than 30 LEGO puzzles with building tips and easy-to-follow visual breakdowns to create your own escape rooms from scratch.Build Your Own LEGO Escape Room includes:- 49 useful LEGO pieces, over 30 build ideas for LEGO puzzles and a sticker sheet.- Three themed escape rooms to build – with 6-8 challenges each.- Fun story pages to show how players will experience the game, easy-to-follow visual breakdowns of the LEGO models, and a step-by-step guide to setting up the game.- Advice on how to plan the escape rooms, from making them immersive and theme inspiration to linking puzzles and giving clu

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