Bargain Hunt


‘Bargain Hunt’ is a British institution, entertaining audiences for over 20 years, and encouraging us to look for diamonds in the rough at antique fairs and shops across the country. A bargain hunt is more than just a quest for cash, though – from traveller’s trunks and tea caddies to walking canes, coins and quirky costumes, each of the items chosen has their own story to tell, forming a small part of our collective social history. ‘Bargain Hunt: Spotter’s Guide to Antiques’ is packed with essential information from the ‘Bargain Hunt’ experts on identifying quality across a range of antiques. From makers’ marks and tell-tale historical styles to details in foils and finials, this will be your one-stop guide to making good choices on your own bargain hunt – while also delving into the fascinating stories behind many of our favourite antiques.

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